DANCE HERO pro-am competition, will have 4 international jury.


Catia Vanone - Italy

Coach of multiple world champions who have marked "Fashion Dance" is the first foreign coach of the national team of Romania. She is called "The Mother of Romanian Dance".

luca tonello

Luca Tonelo - Italy

Successful in the world of PRO-AM worldwide, Luca is a successful entrepreneur with a successful dance school and, above all, an artist soul.


Lene James Mikkelsen - Denmark

She climbed the world podium from 1981 to 1991. She is now training the future world champions. We can say that she is "noble" in the dance world, for writing a page of history.


Pavel Zvychaynny - Germany

A young athlete who has secured his ascension in the world of sports dance, being the youngest professional latin finalist! A promising talent, of which the dance floor can not be missed.



World Showcase Latin Showcase
Multiple National Champion Adult Latino

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